The Top Five Locations For Canoe Camping With a Trailer

canoe camping

The Top Five Locations For Canoe Camping With a Trailer

Are you a canoeing expert?

Then you’re probably a fan of camping, too.

For many thrill-seekers, it’s impossible to camp while traveling by boat. How could you carry everything needed to set up camp along with a canoe?

Enter canoe camping. With new developments in trailer technology, it’s now easy to bring along the canoe for a fun camping trip. Still, it’s important that you know where to get started.

Here are the five best spots to canoe-camp.

1. Eleven Point Scenic River, Missouri

At over forty miles in length, you’ll have a hard time crossing this river in one trip. That’s good news–it’s one of the most lovely trips you can make while canoe camping.

Located in the Mark Twain national forest in southern Missouri, it’s one of the most rugged yet manageable boat trips out there. That makes it ideal for anyone of any level–expert canoers and beginners alike.

Pitching tent alongside the river will give you easy access to the river. If that location doesn’t float your boat, there are more options nearby.

2. Cumberland Island, Georgia

Cumberland Island is a historic site off the coast of Georgia, but it offers plenty to the present-day canoer. Thomas Carnegie built a mansion here but much of the island’s natural appeal remains.

There are plenty of canoe camping options for you located on and around the island. And, you’ll be in a warm southern climate, so you won’t need to bring any sweaters.

3. James River, Virginia

Sticking in the south, the James River in Virginia is one of the best spots where you could bring your canoe and trailer. Traveling here in the spring puts you in the perfect climate–warm, but not too hot.

You’ll also be fairly close to Richmond and Washington D.C. So, if you get too wet in the canoe you can go for a tourist visit to either of those great cities.

4. Lake Chelan, Washington

Switching coasts, why not try out Lake Chelan? It’s one of the friendlier options out there.

Lakes, in calm weather, don’t offer much challenge to canoers. They’re easy to navigate and usually allow for even rides.

You’d regret not ever trying out Lake Chelan. It’s one of the most breathtaking places in the country.

5. Shasta-Trinity Forest, California

Heading a few hundred miles south will leave you in the beautiful Shasta-Trinity Forest. Unlike a lake, this forest is full of intricate series’ of hiking paths that lead to the main river.

Canoeing on the river is a great way to isolate yourself in nature for a moment. And you’ll be able to return to your trailer at the end of the day.

Start Canoe Camping

With the freedom to canoe and camp at once, you’re about to start a whole new batch of adventures. Letting yourself upgrade trailers will let you think less about the how of camping and more about the wow!

Interested in getting started? We can help you out. Reach out to us to see how canoe camping goes together perfectly with our custom teardrop trailers!

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