Where to Take a Trailer Camping Holiday in 2018

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Where to Take a Trailer Camping Holiday in 2018

The holidays are fast approaching, so you know that means it’s time for fun. But, you don’t have to stick to normal family traditions to keep you in the merry spirit.

Instead, hit the road and create your own adventure with a trailer camper. You won’t have to worry about chilly weather and overpriced hotel options.

Plus, you’ll get to create your own holiday with the ones you love most. A trailer camper gives you the freedom to have a spectacular celebration.

If you’re looking to hit the road this season, we’re here to help. Here is where you should take your trailer for a camping holiday.

Northwest- Crater Lake, Oregon

For our friends up north (and to the west), we recommend checking out the ever beautiful Crater Lake. It offers astounding views and it’s highly affordable.

On average, it costs roughly $30 to park overnight. But, you can spend a little extra and get an electrical hookup for $35 which would come in handy come wintertime.

Unlike some areas in the Northwest, you won’t have to worry about animals.

The park has food lockers, bathrooms with toilets and showers, and laundry units. Check out the collapsed volcano which is where it gets its namesake.

Southwest- Zion River, Utah

If you’re looking for warmer temperatures, we don’t blame you. Travel south to Zion River for green valleys, red rocks, and Redstone cliff.

It may not feel like a camping holiday destination, but it’s nestled in the tiny town of Virgin, Utah. There may not be many local businesses, but the ones that are there make it feel very welcoming for holiday visitors.

You can spend your Christmas grilling out on one of their pads outside. Or, check out one of the buffets offered by hotels to Zion River guests.

Northeast- Beaver Dam, Maine

Flip to the other side of the country in Beaver Dam for a holiday spent on the water.

Sure, you may not get to go jet skiing or fish with the kids. But, the area offers a plethora of other fun winter activities.

You can go ice skating or fishing, or if you’re more adventurous, snowmobile over a 20-acre pond.

(We’d also revisit Beaver Dam in the summer months. One of their campsites was named the Small Park of the Year by the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds.)

Southeast- Camp Gulf Holiday Park, Florida

For our east coast friends, we recommend traveling down to Camp Gulf for the holiday. Travelers can park their trailer camper right on the beach.

Wake up on Christmas morning to waves rolling and a walk on the beach. Because who said the holidays have to be spent covered in snow?

Most units will still have full hook-ups. Also, you can also opt for a site that isn’t directly on the beach but still has ocean views.

For Your Camping Holiday Needs

You’re in the right place! Your adventure with an Aero Teardrop is waiting.

We offer customized teardrop trailers and rooftop tents. Our trailers are lightweight, affordable, and handmade.

If you’re looking to hit the road this holiday season, let us help! Contact us today to see how we can help make this holiday one to remember.


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