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Rooftop tents offer a fantastic way to improve your camping experience. Rooftop tents are more comfortable, offer more protection from the elements, keep you up off the ground, and much more. Less time for campsite set up means more time to explore the great outdoors, and taking up less space means less of a footprint left behind. Alongside our custom teardrops trailers, rooftop tents are a wonderful investment in your outdoor lifestyle.

When considering a rooftop tent, quality is very important. This is a big reason why we chose to partner with Freespirit Recreation, located in Bend, Oregon. Through FSR, we are able to offer a wide variety of rooftop tents that can be purchased individually or bundled with one of our teardrop campers. With their roots in Bend, FSR understands what it means to be reputable, customer-focused company, as described on their website:

The original founder of one of the largest rooftop tent (RTT) companies in the nation also founded Freespirit Recreation May 2014 in Bend, Oregon. The creation of Freespirit Recreation allowed us to go beyond the standard roof top tents and create, completely distinct overlanding innovations. Industry leading roof top tent materials, unique axle-less and unibody trailers and one of a kind overlanding gear has become, our focus. We are excited to share all of it with our customers who love to camp as much as we do!

Through our partnership with FSR, we can set you up with a rooftop tent in Portland, OR, saving you time and money on your investment. You can also check out our awesome teardrops when you stop by the shop!

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