Helpful Tips to Consider When Towing Small Trailers

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Helpful Tips to Consider When Towing Small Trailers

Nothing enhances the camping experience like a trailer.

But to the inexperienced, hauling a trailer can pose a great number of challenges. A trailer increases your turning radius, adds a massive blind spot, and makes backing up a whole new adventure.

Don’t let the increased difficulty dissuade you from purchasing a small camping trailer. In this article, we’ll show you tips for hauling small trailers so you can make your camping trip an adventure free of mishaps.

Preparation is everything

You might be itching to get the show on the road, but be patient. The most important part of hauling small trailers comes before you even start the car.

Secure, secure, secure

No matter how much faith you have in your tongue and hitch, it’s not enough.

Make sure you take every precaution while connecting the trailer to your vehicle. Use chains to add a safeguard in case the hitch loosens while driving (make sure to cross them).

Also, don’t skip any of the pins and latches that your tongue or hitch might have. They might seem like overkill, but you’ll be thankful for the redundancies if there’s an emergency.

And keep in mind that your hitch may become loose after jostling over potholes or loose terrain. Make sure to make regular pit stops to check.

Check your lights

There’s no bigger on-road nuisance than a driver who refuses to signal.

And if your trailer’s lights aren’t attached properly, you could unintentionally find yourself among that number.

All small trailers are outfitted with plugs that translate your car’s signals to the trailer’s lights. But over time, the connections can become damaged and stop working. Double check before your trip to avoid any issues.

Mind the extra weight

Your car will drive differently while pulling the weight of a trailer. Even small trailers can significantly increase the amount of time needed to come to a complete stop.

The weight will also make accelerating and turning more difficult. You will also need to consider the additional length while changing lanes. While pulling a trailer, it’s a good idea to perform maneuvers at half speed.

And don’t forget that the extra weight will make a huge difference on your gas mileage.

Master the S-turn

The most difficult part of driving with a trailer is backing up.

If you aren’t careful, you can cause the trailer to jackknife. This can trap you in a tight spot or even cause damage to your vehicle.

The most essential maneuver to back up small trailers is the S-turn. Follow this link for a guide to the S-turn.

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