How to Find Free Camping Sites in Washington and Oregon

free camping sites

How to Find Free Camping Sites in Washington and Oregon

Seeking an adventure in the Pacific Northwest that won’t drain your bank account?

Whether you’re looking for natural wonders or vistas you have to see to believe, thousands of free camping sites are at your disposal.

Most of these free camping sites operate on a first come, first serve basis.

Knowing how to find them will ensure you land the campsite of your dreams. That’s why we’ve created this article to tell you how to find free camping sites in Washington and Oregon.

Finding Free Camping Sites

Campsites are at their busiest in the summer. After the busy season, many campsites open for free or reduced rates.

The following serve as incredible tools to any adventurer wanting to take advantage of these fantastic rates.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Lands is an official state resource offering information on a variety of lands and camping areas. This resource allows you to search by region, county or area.

The Bureau of Land Management offers another official resource for finding campgrounds. Their website allows you to search by activity, such as camping, in a particular area. is a community driven website with a map-based search engine. You’ll find helpful reader reports and reviews so you can get first-hand information on a campsite you’re considering. They focus on public lands and avoid truck stops or other parking lots in their comprehensive lists.

Campendium is another community-driven website. It features free campsites and RV Parks countrywide, including those within Washington & Oregon. You’ll find a treasure trove of reviews on this resource, too.

Use these websites in tandem for the most thorough results and information as you plan your camping adventure.

Free or Discounted Camping in Washington and Oregon State Parks

If you meet any of the following criteria you’re eligible for a pass to reduce or waive camping fees:

  • You’re a limited income senior citizen
  • You’re a disabled veteran
  • You’re a foster parent
  • You have a disability


Veterans with service-related disability and active duty US Military on leave can take advantage of free camping offers in Oregon State Parks.

Become a Campground Host

Feeling adventurous?

You can become a campground volunteer host who answers questions and helps campers in exchange for free camping services. Most campground host agreements ask for a minimum of a 1-month stay.

This makes becoming a campground host and exciting change of pace for young people on a summer vacation or retirees looking for new experiences.

You can find parks that need campground hosts through this website for National Parks & Forests.

It’s Time To Find Your Free Camp Site!

Finding free camping sites isn’t an easy feat. You need the right resources to begin and execute your search. Use these free camping resources to plan a Washington or Oregon vacation you won’t soon forget.

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