Why Camping In A Teardrop Camper Makes The Best Experience

teardrop camper

Why Camping In A Teardrop Camper Makes The Best Experience

The teardrop camper is a fun way to experience the outdoors like never before.

Boasting many perks that tent camping doesn’t offer, but not quite being glamping, exploring in a teardrop-style camper is the perfect middle ground for anyone looking to get outside.

Need more convincing? Consider these perks to teardrop camping:

DIY Potential

Taking on a teardrop camper-sized DIY project is a lot less of a monstrous task than it may sound like!

Anyone with basic carpentry skills and a short list of some easily accessible materials can realistically build their own.

With resources out there like this step by step teardrop building guide, getting started on building your own custom camper is a breeze.

Have no fear though, if DIY-ing your own sounds like too much there are plenty of options to order custom campers. We can also provide you with parts if you would like to go the DIY route!

Teardrop Camper Gatherings

Camping in a teardrop has become trendy among younger generations and older people alike.

Teardrops are a conversation starter and a source of bonding among people who own them.

Teardrops bring people together at events like Tearstock and the Pacific Northwest Fall Crawl which features multiple stops throughout the PNW for teardrop enthusiasts to get together.

These gatherings allow people to showcase their DIY jewels and custom campers while bonding with a wide variety of people.

Folks love to share their enthusiasm for the culture surrounding teardrop camping.


Compared to purchasing a traditional RV, a teardrop camper is significantly more affordable and a smarter purchase. In fact, in some cases, a higher end traditional RV can end up being ten times the cost of a teardrop.

While the cost of a teardrop tends to average between $10,000-$15,000, a Class A or C RV can cost you up to $100,000 if you’re buying it brand new.

If you don’t have a huge budget to spend, and you’d rather invest in something that holds its resale value, the teardrop-style camper could be the solution for you.


Because of these campers’ lightweight body styles and ease of towing, they are a much more green option over larger camper styles.

Most teardrops can be towed behind a midsize car and don’t require much excess fuel consumption making them a great option for longer distance traveling that doesn’t hurt the earth.


Another benefit to the teardrop campers small size is its ability to be taken to places that a traditional RV wouldn’t fit.

While larger style campers are often confined to camping spots that are wide open and rather desolate, you can take a teardrop just about anywhere. Camping among the trees and the scenery is no problem for these little trailers.

Make Camping Better than Ever Before

If you crave adventure but want more comfort than camping in a tent, the teardrop style camper is worth considering.

Take this lightweight, fun camper with you wherever your car and your imagination can take you and maybe meet some awesome like-minded people along the way!

If you’re interested in having your own, contact us and we’ll help you get moving toward your outdoorsy dreams.


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