Adventurous Ways to Plan a Road Trip on a Budget

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Adventurous Ways to Plan a Road Trip on a Budget

So you want to hit the open road for a fun and adventurous trip, but you don’t want to break the bank?

Even with fluctuating gas prices, you can still plan a road trip that fits your budget with these 5 great tips.

Plan a Road Trip On a Budget With These 5 Money Saving Tips

Save money every time you plan a road trip so you can focus on the fun and not the finances.

1. Make Sure Your Vehicle Is In Good Shape

Before any road trip, you’ll want to double check that your car is up to date on all the regular maintenance.

This is obviously true for safety reasons, but also for gas efficiency.

A car operating on low oil or low-pressure tires will have a harder time running and will, therefore, be significantly less fuel efficient.

It will also decrease your chances of needing (sometimes) costly and stressful emergency roadside assistance.

2. Stock Up On Snacks

Road trip snacks are one of the best parts of the road trip!

Save money by stocking up at bulk stores or your local grocer with great deals.

Make sure the snacks are easy to eat in the car and don’t require a ton of clean up.

You can even make on-the-go meals like sandwiches and wraps that can save you tons compared to the cost of eating out.

3. Save When You Sleep

The biggest expense for many when they plan a road trip is the accommodation. Save big by picking hotel chains with great loyalty and rewards programs.

Or even better, camp!

Camping equipment does require an upfront investment, but if you love the outdoors and plan on road tripping often, it can be a lot of fun and very budget friendly.

4. Be Fuel Efficient

There are several gas saving tricks you can use to maximize your gas mileage.

One easy trick for road trips is to use cruise control whenever you’re on flat, open roads with minimal traffic.

This will lock in your speed (which might even help you avoid a ticket) and help your car be the most fuel efficient by keeping a steady pace.

You may know that AC uses gas, so, avoid blasting the AC when you don’t need it.

5. Find Budget Friendly Destinations

There are so many great national parks, beaches, art installations, lakes, and more that you can plan a road trip to for little or no admission cost.

Research inexpensive activities that you and your family or travel companions would love. Check ahead for any deals national parks might offer, such as annual park passes or discounts on multi-day visits.

In some cases, purchasing in advance online can snag you some great savings!

Now Hit The Road!

Road tripping is such a fun and easy way to travel, even on a budget!

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