5 Surprising Benefits of Using Teardrop Campers

teardrop campers

5 Surprising Benefits of Using Teardrop Campers

Want to go camping but don’t care for the stress of putting up a tent? Your first thought is probably to use a motorhome.

But what about teardrop campers? Teardrops are essentially a portable bedroom (and dining suite!) that you tow behind your car.

These campers became popular in the 1940s. Soldiers returning from World War II built trailers out of extra aircraft aluminum. Now they’re seeing a boom in popularity as people search for more affordable, lightweight alternatives to RVs.

Here are five of our favorite benefits of using teardrop campers.

1) Campers Are Towable By Most Vehicles

These fun campers are lighter than other trailers. 4 or 6 cylinder cars tow them with ease.

That also makes them a lot cheaper to haul than traditional motorhomes. You’ll use less gas to tow them.

2) They’re More Environmentally Friendly

This ties into the previous benefit. Since you’ll use less fuel to tow teardrop campers, they lower your carbon footprint.

They’re also more environmentally friendly on campsites. Large RVs need to park away from trees so as not to damage them.

The small size of the campers makes them less destructive around trees. You’ll also be able to enjoy more scenic campsites.

Small doesn’t mean limited space. Handcrafted campers can be customized to fit your needs.

3) Campers Are Easier to Store

These campers are small enough to fit into garages and parking spots. That means you can store your trailer at your home.

RVs or large motorhomes need off-site storage. Outdoor storage for an RV can start at $30 a month, rising to $100 a month at other locations.

You can even park your camper outside your house. Use it as a guest bedroom for visitors or as a mini man cave.

4) Teardrop Campers Are More Affordable

Being smaller and lighter, these campers are cheaper to buy than Class C, B or A motorhomes.

We’ve mentioned they’re more economical to run. But they’re also cheaper to maintain since they’re simple in design. You won’t spend as much on repairs as there is less to go wrong.

That also means their resale value remains steady, unlike regular trailers and RVs.

5) These Campers Get You Closer To Nature

RVs and motorhomes are great if you have a family and you need extra sleeping space for little ones. Having a restroom and a shower at your fingertips saves you having to use campsite facilities.

But teardrop trailers encourage you to get out into nature. Their smaller size means you take less stuff, so packing and unpacking is a quicker process.

Their stripped back feel means you’re not encouraged to simply move your living room with you. You’ll take advantage of the wonderful nature around you.

Like The Sound of These Campers?

Teardrop campers help you to explore the natural wonders of the world around you. More flexible than motorhomes, they’re a great way to enjoy the benefits of camping…without needing to assemble a tent.

If you’d like to know more, contact us today and we can help you build your ideal camper.


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