5 Places For The Best Camping In Oregon

best camping in oregon

5 Places For The Best Camping In Oregon

It is not a coincidence that tourism in Oregon is an $11.3 billion industry. The state boasts some of the most scenic views in the world. Yet, not many people know which sites offer the best camping in Oregon.

Those who don’t travel miss out on a wonderful experience. Camping gives you the chance to escape the city life. It also has other benefits:

  • makes you appreciate nature
  • allows you to bond with your loved ones
  • teaches you new skills
  • take your pets outdoors
  • enjoy affordable vacations


Most of the time, tourists aren’t sure about the top places for the best camping in Oregon. We are here to help. Read on to learn more.

Places to Enjoy the Best Camping in Oregon

Going for a camping trip seems cumbersome due to the bulky equipment you need. Fortunately, affordable trailers are making the outdoors more enjoyable. They are reducing the hassle of setting up tents and other outdoor living areas.

All that’s left is to find the best places for your trip. Here are a few of them:

1. Silver Falls State Park

Silver Falls in Marion County is the largest state park. Its most breathtaking feature — and reason for its name — is the presence of waterfalls. Campers even see a back view of a waterfall.

The park offers walking, hiking, biking, and horse riding trails. People relax on the lawns or have picnics. Others make outdoor meals on the barbecue stands.

People can sleep comfortably overnight in their camping trailers. Spend the rest of the time swimming and enjoying the forest scenery.

2. Harris Beach State Park

This Brookings-based coastal park is open throughout the year. It offers hiking, fishing, and biking. Campers spot rare birds and sea animals migrating.

There is a large playground for kite flying. Some people relax on the sandy beach. Others rest in bed while watching the sunset.

Harris Beach is a pet-friendly park. It allows trailers, yurts, and RVs.

3. Lost Lake Campground, Mt. Hood

Another place offering the best camping in Oregon is the Lost Lake campground in the Mt. Hood area. It is a privately run campground.

It is well maintained and provides more privacy than other camps. It is also a dog-friendly place.

RV designated sites are not the best. They lack water hook-ups. Besides that, the sites are spacious.

Lost Lake offers fishing, crawdad hunting, biking, hiking trails, and recreational activities. The activities include swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and telescoped stargazing.

4. Cape Blanco State Park

This peaceful park is in Curry County. It offers hiking, biking, surfperch fishing, and horse riding activities. It has great picnic areas and a secluded beach for relaxing strolls.

Visitors book reservations for RV spots.

5. Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park

This park is in Lane County. It is spacious and has scenic views. It offers whale watching, hiking, biking, and hunting activities. You can also have a picnic or spend time on the sandy beach.

RV spots are available with dumping stations and full hookup sites.

Get More Information on Camping

If you read the reviews for all these campgrounds, you will realize these places are amazing. Everyone has something positive to say about them.

Discover other amazing places in Oregon and get more information about camping. Contact us and share your ideas.


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